(60 min. allow 70)

This is a 1 hr treatment that includes a full body brushed to remove dead skin cells, encouraging lymphatic flow. This is followed by the application of a body mask application and then you are cocooned to encourage maximum hydration.  While cocooned you will receive a relaxing foot or hand massage.  To complete the treatment you body will be treated with a body butter, massaged to encourage soft supple skin.  Try this and feel spoilt.




(75 min. allow 85)

The clay renewal treatment has been designed to purify and detoxify,  It begins with a sea salt exfoliation to remove dead skin ells.  The the clay is applied to the body and cocooned to encourage deep cleansing and detoxification.  While relaxing and cocooned a relaxing foot massage will be performed.  After the clay is removed you will be infused with a hydrating body butter leaving you feeling refreshed and rehydrated and soft dewy skin.




(60 min. allow 70)

With this massage you will experience intense relaxation. Feel your stress ooze from your body as the stones are placed in strategic spots and glide over your body.  You could compliment this treatment with an Indian head massage for a further $35.

(Allow 20 min extra)




(60 min. allow 70)

This is a relaxing, nurturing massage that works on soft light tissue and muscles.  It’s a massage that calms nerves releasing tension and improving the whole bodies circulation.  This massage can be customized for those who wish a stronger massage.  To encourage added relaxation an Indian head massage can be given at the conclusion of the massage for a further $35.

(Allow 20 min. extra)




(75 min. allow 80)

For those wanting to have the benefits of a sea salt exfoliation combined with a relaxing massage.  The treatment begins with a sea salt exfoliation to remove impurities and dead skin.  This also increases circulation and improves skin texture.  The body and senses are engulfed in the oils added to the massage medium.  To encourage added relaxation and Indian head massage can be given at the conclusion of the massage for a further $35.

(Allow 20 min. extra)




(20 min. allow 25)

A totally relaxing head massage that can be performed with or without oil.  Be enveloped with the aromatic oils of rosemary, cedarwood, and sage, which when combined with oil make an excellent treatment oil, that can be applied directly or inhaled.  This could be performed prior to a blow dry or set, or alternatively left in the hair for you to wash out at your convenience.