Eyeliner Tattoo Information:

Eyeliner tattoo lasts a lot longer then the eyebrows and lips. Depending on the colour selection, it can last 2-10 years.

You can expect to see results instantly however, you should expect to require at least 1-2 touch up sessions in order to either “perfect the tattoo” or darken it to your liking. You will have the option to choose from lash enhancement tattoo, which is tattooed in between the lashes for a very natural enhancement. Or you can custom design the thickness, length and shape of the tattoo according to your liking.


Procedure Information

A full consultation will be provided on the day of your booking – This includes, medical history check and discussing the right design/colour for you in detail. Numbing agents are applied before and during the procedure to make the experience more comfortable. The procedure usually takes 1.5 –  3 hours (depending on how big the area is). Once the procedure is completed, We will provide you with the option to add anything before you leave the premises, to make sure you are leaving happy with the results.


Pre-procedure Information


* Do not wear any eye makeup or mascara (you can wear foundation).

* Do not wear contact lenses, as they need to be removed for the procedure.

* If you have eyelash extensions they will interfere with the tattoo gun, therefore it is best to have them removed for the procedure.

* Remember to wear something that is comfortable, as you will be lying down for a long period of time.

* Make sure you have scheduled enough time for the procedure so that you are not rushing off.

* Even though my numbing agents work very well, it won’t hurt to take a pain  killer (consult with your doctor) before the procedure to help make the procedure more comfortable.

* When scheduling in an appointment date, it is important to keep in mind the healing time of the procedure therefore, plan your social events ahead.  Allow a minimum of 1 week for healing time.

* Be prepared for the 7 days aftercare regime! Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided to you on the day of the procedure. The aftercare mainly involves not getting the tattooed area wet, no gym, swimming, saunas, wearing a hat or sunglasses if needing to be outdoors and using a provided antiseptic and healing cream on your eyeliner tattoo for 7 days.

* Please note: no children are allowed at the premises for safety reasons and I also work from a confined space, which is not suitable for children.

*I prefer my customers to attend their appointment on their own as I find that I can fully engage with my customers this way without any distractions.

If you do intend to bring a visitor please be aware that they will be sitting alone for 2-3 hours.