Lip Tattooing Information:

Lip tattoo is a great way to “naturally” enhance your lips.

There is a variety of lip tattooing options for you to choose from that are customized to suit each customers needs. Lip tattoo lasts 2-7 years; depending on the pigment colour, the client’s

aftercare regime, sun & environmental exposure.

The lips are the most difficult area to obtain pigment because it is different to the rest of our skin. For this reason, it is very common to require a touch up session depending on how dark you want the color to be.

In 1 session you should expect to obtain a “very natural color” (it is impossible to obtain a dark/prominent colour in only 1 session). In order to achieve a darker colour it is a gradual process and you should expect the colour to become 1 shade darker in each touch up session. On average it is common to require 1-2 touch up sessions to achieve a desired result.


Procedure Information:

A full consultation will be provided on the dayof your booking – This includes, medical history check and discussing the right design/color for you in detail. Numbing agents are applied before and during the procedure to make the experience more comfortable.

The procedure usually takes 1.5 – 3 hours (depending on how big the area is). Once the procedure is completed, We will provide you with the option to add anything before you leave the premises, to make sure you are leaving happy with the results.


Pre-procedure Information

*  You can wear makeup to your appointment.

*  If you have ever had a cold sore on your lips, you will most likely have a recurrence after lip tattooing. The virus you have will stay in your body and any trauma or stress caused to the lips, will activate the virus.

There are tablets that can help prevent a breakout and we highly recommend taking Famvir or Valtrex tablets 2 days before your procedure (consult with your local pharmacist or doctor).

*  Remember to wear something that is comfortable, as you will be lying down for a long period of time.

*  If you have had lip filler injected recently, it is highly recommended you wait a minimum of 3 months before making a lip tattoo booking.

* Make sure you have scheduled enough time for the procedure so that you are not rushing off.

* Even though my numbing agents work very well, it won’t hurt to take a pain killer (consult with your doctor) before the procedure to help make the procedure more comfortable.

* When scheduling in an appointment date, it is important to keep in mind the healing time of the procedure (especially for the lips as they take longer to heal) therefore, plan your social events ahead.

Allow a minimum of 1 week for healing time.

* Be prepared for the 7 days aftercare regime! Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided to you on the day of the procedure. The aftercare mainly involves not getting the tattooed area wet, no gym, swimming, saunas, wearing a hat or sunglasses if needing to be outdoors and using a provided antiseptic and healing cream on your lips for 7 days.

*Get ahead on your household chores e.g. Lawn mowing or chores that will get bacteria on the tattoo.

* Get your shopping prepared e.g. straws, cotton pad wipes, cotton buds, painkillers, easy to eat/cold snacks and foods. These are all things you will appreciate having at your convenience after a lip tattoo procedure.

*Please note: no children are allowed at the premises for safety reasons and I also work from a confined space, which is not suitable for children.

* I prefer my customers to attend their appointment on their own as I find that I can fully engage with my customers this way without any distractions.

If you do intend to bring a visitor please be aware that they will be sitting alone for 2-3 hours.